Max Success

According to a leading provider, more than 70+% of the time their patients need at least 1 revision or refinement to complete treatment. This increases providers costs, increases overall therapy time for the patient and creates consumer dissatisfaction.

So why do so many other aligner manufacturers suffer from the great revision problem?
Is it the ineffectiveness of the product?
Is it poor smile design set ups?
Is it poor patient compliance?
Is it poor clinical oversight?
Is it a lack of patient engagement and communication?

Unfortunately, the answer is YES to all those things.

Introducing Max Success

Clear Comfort doctors already enjoy a significantly lower revision rate than the other providers. We confidently stand behind the effectiveness of our product and its superiority. We want to go even further in our commitment to you, therefore Clear Comfort limits your risk, so you can maximize your profits. So we’ve included everything you need to maximize your success!

Max Comfort BioProgressive Aligners
Our exclusive Bio-Progressive Max Comfort aligners are more comfortable, more predictable and more efficient. The progressive treatment from Soft to Medium and then Hard is the most advanced treatment for aligner therapy.

Industry leading technology that enables patients to submit weekly scans from the comfort of their own home using their smartphone. Now together we will have weekly insight on patient progress and the Clear Comfort team monitors it for you!

Unlimited Refreshes (mid-treatment)
Our unique Refresh Protocol has been saving doctors and patients time and money for years. How? By avoiding full revisions in most cases. Get them back on track without the added expense and logistics of taking additional impressions.

Unlimited Revisions (mid-treatment)
Stop overpaying other providers just for the security of locking in your fixed aligner costs. Now regardless of the severity of the case; mild, moderate or complex, we’ve got you covered.

Unlimited Refinements (post treatment)
Upon completion of treatment, if the doctor or patient would like to do a refinement that’s within the original virtual treatment objective (VTO), the Clear Comfort team will work with your office to achieve it.

Clear Comfort proprietary formula for retainers
The cost of retainers from other providers has gotten quite expensive. Frequently patients are disappointed with an additional ongoing cost. We now will provide THREE sets of retainers with EVERY case for no additional cost!

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