Important Precautions:

  • Impressions should be free of bubbles and voids
  • The distal surface of the posterior teeth should be clearly captured as well
  • Clear Comfort aligners extend past the gingival margin so please capture at least 7mm to 8mm of the gingival tissue beyond the cervical line
  • Alginate can deform quickly so be sure to pour up the stone model immediately
  • To avoid damage, be sure to use a cushioned Clear Comfort model/impression box
  • The doctor should give final approval before submitting to Clear Comfort

PVS impressions are recommended, but to save you time and money, you may take an alginate impression and pour up the stone model in your office on the same day.

You should confirm the quality of the model before dismissing your patient if possible. This will eliminate the inconvenience of bringing the patient back in for another impression.

Click HERE for tips on taking great impressions!

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