1. Login to HeronCloud.com as a Dentist.
  2. Click on the connections link on the top right of the screen and click on “Add Connection”.
  3. Complete the lab form by filling in the fields with the information below and then submitting the form.
    1. Lab Name – SmileDesign
    2. Email address – scans@smiledesign.cloud
  4. Once a Connection is made you will have to login to the HeronCloud through QuantorClinic in order to select a lab for an order, this is done through the settings.
  5. Once in settings, navigate to the Users section and select the icon to the right of SmileDesign.
  6. On the users information select the HeronCloud button on the bottom left.
  7. With the “Use the HeronCloud.com account” selected click the OK button and login to the HeronCloud with the information you setup in step #1.
  8. Once logged in you will be able to send files to your connections

CLICK HERE to download these instructions as a PDF

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